Flower Care Instructions


You have received a beautiful arrangement of flowers and want to get the most from them. To enjoy their beautiful colours and scents for as long as possible. All individual flowers have their own life span some last longer than others for example; lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums. While more delicate flowers like roses, freesa, hydrangea, have a shorter life span but look amazing and give off a beautiful scent. Life spans of flowers can vary from 3 days up to two weeks for more hardy exoctic varieties. By following these few easy care instructions below you can enjoy all your flowers however long they grace you..

  • If your flowers arrive in wrapping please remove all wrapping. If you wish you can leave on the centre tie to keep your flowers in the pre arranged shape by your florist.
  • Place your flower food into your chosen vase and clean fresh water. 
  • Cut at least a half an inch from the end of all stems. A clean sharp cut is best. This enables your beautiful blooms to take a good drink.
  • Remove any leaves that are below the water level to avoid the development of bacteria in the water.
  • Place your flowers in a cool place in your home, avoiding direct sunshine or warm heaters. Never keep your flowers near electrical devices or plugs. If changing vase water do over a sink to avoid spilling over home furnishings. The cooler the position the happier your flowers will be. The optimum storage temperature for cut flowers is between 2 & 8 degrees C. I personally find my hall is an ideal spot as it keeps cooler than the rest of the house. Change water as regularly as possible. Every day is ideal. 
  • If any of your flowers over the coming days have spent all their energy and are beginning to look tired, simply remove them and continue to enjoy your lasting varieties. 
  • Lastly enjoy your beautiful flowers. 

If you have received your flowers already pre arranged in a pot, basket, funeral tribute, or hatbox. In an oasis base. Your flowers will already have flower food in the base. All you are required to do is add a top up of clean, fresh water every couple of days, depending on temperature in your home. The best way to judge is place your finger on the oasis base and keep it damp at all times.  Keep your flowers in as cool a place as possible to prolong their lifespan. 

Very Important:  Keep your flowers out of reach of children & animals. They are purely decorative and not for ingesting.